Why Zeolite?

When volcanoes erupt the ash caused by the eruption spreads everywhere. The combination of ash and the salt from sea water forms the mineral that we know as Zeolite. Zeolite comes from deep in the earth and it contains ions with a negative charge (-). When Zeolite its taken as a supplement like D-Lite3 it attracts all of the positive charge (+) toxins and free radicals in the body.

Unlike other Zeolite supplements, Zeolite contains two powerful zeolites instead of one. This means more detoxification power to cleanse the body.

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Zeolite The best way to Detox the Body

Zeolites are honeycomb shaped minerals that aide the body in the detoxification process. Since these minerals have a negative charge, they are able to attract positively charged chemicals, toxins and free radicals that are present within the body. After the zeolite minerals attract and bond with these harmful substances, they are able to be flushed and removed from the body.

People in Asia have known about the detoxification benefits of zeolite and have been using the minerals to promote good health for over 800 years. Zeolite is an all natural product and has been generally recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration. After zeolite is ingested, it circulates through the bloodstream and removes all harmful heavy metals and toxins within the body, which are then excreted through urine. The mineral will not remain in your system over the long term and is usually flushed out of the body within 6-8 hours.

Zeolite minerals remove harmful substances in the body such as mercury, lead, cadmium and carcinogens. They are also effective at removing free radicals, toxins and other substances that are damaging to the body and have an adverse reaction on your health.

After the removal of these types of harmful substances from the body, many people feel an increase in their energy levels and generally feel healthier. Zeolite may also aide in the symptoms associated with acid reflux, asthma, allergies and may also help strengthen your immune system and ward off viruses.

Zeolite minerals may have other benefits for supporting optimum health such as the maintenance of healthy pH levels in the body, lowering blood sugar levels and helping ease the symptoms associated with migraine headaches.

Zeolite is a product that contains a combination of Chabazite and Clinoptilolite, which are two powerful zeolites. These minerals work together during the detoxification process and help cleanse the body of any heavy metals and toxins. The zeolite minerals in this product have been thoroughly cleansed and micronized, which ensures that they are safe to use and also maximizes their performance in detoxifying the body.

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